WE ALL ARE CAPABLE OF IMPOSSIBLE(excerpt from The Power Within by Natalia Matveeva)

4 days.
No water.
No food.
No tent.
No cell.
On a mountain in a desert.
In silence.

I made it.

If you google “how long a human can survive without water”, you will get the answer saying 3 days. I spent 4 days on a mountain in Wirikuta desert, Mexico dry fasting alone with no communication on a piece of land 2 by 3 meters, sleeping on a mat in 2 sleeping bags. Why would I risk my health and my life to do such a thing? Technically, the risk was there, but in reality – there was no risk for me. Am I special? Not really. Am I better than some physically? No way. Am I a superhuman? Forget it. There is one thing that I do differently than some people: I’m great at aligning my body, heart, mind and Soul and centering myself.

You see, in order to achieve something worthwhile, you need to make sure that your whole self is up for it. Your whole being has to get ready, accept all possible circumstances and align with your intent. Within you, you have 4 parts of you that have to vote for an experience and there must be a reason… a cause… an intent. Doing anything without an intent is like sending a spaceship into the cosmos without a final destination.

When I first heard about this fasting experience on the mountain and that people choose to go through it, I had thought they are nuts. I had thought there was no way I would do anything like that to myself. It had sounded insane. I’ve had too many health issues to put my body through something that extreme. My body had voted against it. My mind read some information, talked to some people and chickened out. My heart said that it would love me and stand by my side whatever it takes. My Soul had no doubt that I was ready and that it was time. I had 2 against and 2 for. I had a misalignment.

Why don’t I do anything when there is an inner misalignment? The answer is easy: a misalignment sets one for failure. If your mind has doubts, it will see obstacles instead of possibilities. If your body is against it, there will be fatigue, laziness and even a health issue. If your heart is against something, you might pull through a project or an action, but anything heartless ends with average or no result. If your Soul is against something, you might try hundred times and fail one after another. There has to be a buy in from your whole self to accomplish important goals.

So when I realized I needed to get a true Yes from my mind and my body, I ventured into a research on what held them back. I used a set of mental tools to realize inner blockages that sabotaged my venture. My body was the easy part. It just wanted some reassurance and a deal: I had promised to listen and stay in contact with my body at all times and give it what it needed. Not what my body wanted, but what it needed and what could be given. I ended up giving it massages, walking around my 2 by 3 meters of land, doing breathing exercises, giving gratitude, love and absolute trust in its inner wisdom. I have never loved my body as much as I love it now. Our bodies are nothing short of miracles that once loved can do the impossible and can heal magically.

My mind was a hard one to persuade. You see, each human mind has a unique landscape based on all experiences, knowledge and skills learnt throughout the entire life. Every child is taught how to behave, what to think and how to act to survive certain circumstances. All the teachings become inner programs run by our mind. In a fast-changing world, some programs get outdated, but still work and require energy on a subconscious level. Knowing one’s mind landscape gives a map of what’s possible beyond the past. Building an inner GPS for navigating one’s mind allows one to reach peak performance in any area of life. Learning one’s unique mind landscape and using its resources opens up a direct path to unleashing unlimited potential in oneself and others. However, to make it happen and release processing power for new beginnings, it is needed to upgrade or delete old programming that does not serve us anymore. I knew I had some work to do. It took me two weeks and some Will Power.

I had 2 major traumas: one was abandonment and another one was fear of death, and when these two merged in one situation, it would send my mind into a panic mode. Being alone on a mountain in the desert where wild life could kill me (scorpions, tarantulas, and 200+ more types of living beings) was the best setting for the worst nightmare. With the only difference, that it was actually real. How do you persuade a sane mind for such a venture? The same way you persuade investors to believe in your dream – you believe in it yourself… you believe in yourself and more than anyone would ever believe.  You identify and delete all programs that tell you what you can’t and install new ones that support your dream. One by one, I had to go through my limiting beliefs based on the past experiences and rewire them. I have had 2 clinical deaths experiences in the past which I had to relive and release emotions and physical pain from again and again. I had to delete the mistrust in my body capabilities, that I inherited from my childhood. I had to look the possibility of death in the eyes before I showed up on that mountain to make sure I was even able to get there. I faced my deepest fears and I transcended them. I accepted the inevitable and moved on. In sports, they say that hard preparation makes the win possible. Well, it’s true for all things forth living for.

The perfect moment is not when there is no competition… not when all stars align … not when there are no risks. The perfect moment is when your whole self is aligned to achieve your goal. Because then, it does not matter that  competition is high and hard. It doesn’t matter that some things are currently missing. It does not matter that risks are a bit high. If you align the universe within you, the Universe around you conspires to make it happen.