Remove stress from your Life/Work
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accept feelings
master mindset
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stress management/reduction program
Your creativity, high performance and innovative ideas manifest when your mind is at peace and connected with the inner knowledge you possess. Let yourself win in life by removing stress that keeps you from realizing your highest potential.
This Program is for those who:
- Want to stop being anxious and stressed
- Want to control feelings and emotions
- Want to be able to concentrate and be efficient
- Want to improve relationships and build amazing network
- Want to experience an excitement instead of anxiety
- Want to succeed in life and realize highest potential
Looking for Results?
This Program walks you through every step of identifying, reducing stress and moving to a stress-free life. As a result, you will:
Feel in control of your emotional state
Understand triggers in the moment and do not react to them
Manage your mindset and job-related stressors
Create effective communications and relationships
Adapt fast to changes and uncertainty
Acquire cognitive flexibility
Be productive and laser-focused achieving your goals
Practice self-compassion and track your success

Program Structure
an overview and explains cause and effect of stress in our daily life and possible solutions
Explanatory part includes
5 techniques/exercises that can be used in real life to achieve wanted results. This is a very practical tool that everyone can use in real life situations whenever needed
Workbook includes
Each lesson has a short explanatory part and a workbook
This Program consists of 20 lessons
Over 100+ techniques allow to find the ones that work the best for you in your situation. Each person will be able to find their unique combination of features that work for them and thus manage stress and anxiety the optimal personalized way. Each technique has been used by thousands of psychologists and patients and is proven to work.
Program outline
Lesson 5: Finding The Right Mindset
Lesson 4: Exploring Creativity Zone
Lesson 3: Staying Grounded In The Present Moment
Lesson 2: Facing And Embracing Your Emotions
Lesson 1: Identifying Your Stressors
Lesson 10: Physical Activities Can Help
Lesson 9: Living Healthily In The Face Of Stress
Lesson 8: Overcoming The Barriers Of A Stress-Free Life
Lesson 7: Cognitive Distortions And Negative Thinking
Lesson 6: Gain Control Over Your Stress
Show More
Lesson 15: Adapting To Changes And Growth
Lesson 14: Effective Communication
Lesson 13: Time Management
Lesson 12: Managing Job-Related Stressors
Lesson 11: Managing Stress-Related Symptoms
Lesson 20: Tracking Your Success
Lesson 19: Practicing Self-Compassion
Lesson 18: Relapse Prevention
Lesson 17: Acquiring Cognitive Flexibility
Lesson 16: Bringing In The Positives
program creator
Hannah Aliba
Cognitive Behavior Therapy expert
This program has been put together with the help of dozens of psychologists and researches that have created each technique and tool we provide. However, as the Program it was created by a renown Cognitive Behavior Therapy expert and writer Hannah Aliba. Hannah has years of experience in creating educational self-help content in psychology based on researches and real life cases.
How the Process looks like
*We partner with GetCourse to offer the most convenient way to experience this Program
This Program allows you freedom of creating your own Journey. As soon as you enroll, you get an e-mail with your access to the Program: a link to the Program, login and password.*
When you login into your Program, you can start your first lesson. You can explore this Program at any time and anywhere. We recommend one lesson a day for a 4 weeks duration. However, any other approach can work as long as curiosity, intentionality and motivation are present.
If you need support along the way, we can connect you with one of our therapists or coaches to help you with any issues. You can do it totally on your own or you might have someone there to help you. Your choice. If you want help, feel free to request it via the link.
Remove stress and anxiety from your life to achieve anything you want
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