Zoë Freedman
My specialty is in assessing where a client is stuck, limited, or out of balance and building custom-designed developmental practices for them to overcome, heal, or expand. I am an expert in supporting a client to navigate through their subconscious mind to A. remove limiting beliefs and internal narratives and B. build new possibilities by inserting new, intentionally curated, beliefs and narratives.

I also specialize in supporting clients in expanding their ability to be in their bodies. Most people are trapped in a cycle of over thinking - analysis paralysis. This contributes to anxiety, stress, and burnout. They are unable to “turn their mind” off. This largely occurs in people who have become disconnected, disassociated from their body. They are trapped in the mind because they cannot drop into their body. I am a body-mind connection specialist and I can teach them how to inhabit their bodies, tap into their higher facultires (creativity, intuition, flow state), slow the pace of their mind, and become more peaceful.
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Client Focus
Anxiety, stress, and burnout
Cost per session

-      $250 per session (for individual sessions, one-off sessions)
-      $1,500 for a three-month, personalized 1:1 coaching program (6 sessions)
-      $3,000 for a six-month, personalized 1:1 coaching program (9-12 sessions)
-      Group coaching rates vary depending on number of people, sessions, and duration
My licenses include:
  • Certified Professional Integral Coach
  • Certified NLP Coach
  • Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner
  • Certified Timeline Therapy Practitioner
  • Certified Meditation Instructor
  • Certified Yoga Instructor
“My coaching experience with Zoe gave me the tools to achieve a level of self-awareness and self-discovery that I never imagined possible. With each session, I felt more inspired and encouraged as I worked towards my developmental goals. I thrived as a result of the accountability and structure within her coaching method. I looked forward to each session with eager excitement, thrilled to have the opportunity to share, learn, and grow with Zoe. Behind the incredible life coaching practice Zoë has created, is this magnificently beautiful and whole-hearted woman. Zoe has such a gift to know, see, and understand her clients where they are, as they are. I was so impacted by Zoe’s dedication and investment in me as I worked to achieve my goals. My coaching journey with Zoe was one of the best experiences of my life, and I would recommend investing your time and treasure to have a journey with Zoë of your own.“
- Michelle

“To anyone who is looking to improve yourself in any facet of life, having a life coach is truly life changing. Zoë is THE most amazing human to lead you through your journey. She is unlike anyone else you will meet. She has a gift of translating your goals into attainable steps to reach your desired outcome. In my journey with Zoë, I felt like it was a team effort 100% of the time. It was a uniquely crafted journey tailored to my specific goals, and I am blown away with the outcome of my experience. Goals I didn't think were attainable came to life throughout my journey with her because she made each step of the way a natural progression. I feel like I’ve transformed into a completely different person.”
- Grace

“Working with Zoë was a profound experience. Reflecting on the beginning until now, the notable changes that have transformed my inner-self have been gigantic in ways that are continuing to evolve. Zoë’s ability to navigate complex problems and present creative methods for building foundational habits enabled her to reconnect me with a stronger sense of my purpose. I went from overthinking, constantly over-planning, and talking myself frozen to getting to know myself, appreciating my path, finding inner calm, and being bolder in my direction. I’ve continued to broaden my self-awareness and get to know myself more each day. With extreme gratitude, I express my sincere recommendation to work with Zoë and absorb the benefits of having her as your coach.”
- Justin

“After working with Zoë my mindset completely expanded. By the end of our time together, I had the tools to transform any limiting belief into a supportive one. Before working with Zoë, I wasn’t taking full responsibility for my own life, choices, and actions. I was in victim mode. Zoë helped me recognize this and take ownership of my life. I felt constant support throughout all of our sessions-a completely judgement free and safe space to explore whatever came up. Now I feel freer, empowered, and extremely clear.”
- Tamara

“Before working with Zoë, I struggled to articulate what I wanted from my relationships, career, and life in general. Under her guidance, I was able to discern what my core values are and practiced how to live in integrity with those values. I got precise on my life's vision and exercised embracing, sitting with, and overcoming my doubts and fears. Together, we were able to ‘clean house’ and sort through thought patterns that no longer served me. Lately, I’ve been able to approach life with a newfound sense of freedom and my heart has learned new depths. I cannot recommend working with Zoë enough. She is not only wise, and humble but is deeply caring.”
- Araceli