Jody Dharmawan
Spent 25 years working in Indonesia. Started in 1989 in a garment manufacturing company that was owned by my father and his brothers. In 1990 started a Distribution and Retail company by licensing a few brand names for the Indonesian domestic market. Merged the companies and listed it in the Jakarta Stock Exchange in 1993. Restructured and Privatised one of the companies and focused on one brand name in 2000. Exited the business in 2019. Throughout those years, I was a member leader of the Entrepreneurs' Organization and founded the Indonesia Chapter in 1998. Throughout the tenure, I become a Global Master Forum Trainer in 2001, Strategy Summit Facilitator in 2006 and was Director for the Area, the Region, Global Committee Chair for Forum and eventual Global Board of Director for the Organisation from 2012 to 2015. To date, I am still very much involved in leading a few initiatives. I was also a Board Member of the British Chamber of Commerce for 10 years and a member of the Board of Commission in the British International School in Jakarta for 3 years. Now I am answering my calling to do what I really feel fulfilling - Empowering People so that we all can contribute to the betterment of mankind. I trust we all have the answers within and we all have the potentials and the gifts needed. It is a matter of facilitating to allow the person to explore and discover
Specialities, Issues, , Communities, Modality, Qualifications, Additional Credentials

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Client Focus
ACE certified coach. Gallup Strength certified coach.
Cost per session

Coaching skill
Life Purpose
  • Mediating Crucial Conversation.
  • Conducting Crucial Conversation.
  • Emotion Intelligence.
  • Positive Quotient.
  • Connecting dots.
  • Listening.
  • Suspending Judgement.
  • Teaching.
  • Servant Leadership.
  • Strategic Thinking.
  • Maximising one's potential.
  • Multiplying effect of the group.
  • Facilitating.
  • Reading Group Dynamic.
  • Self-awareness.
  • Communicating.
  • Cross-cultured dynamic.
  • Multi-generations dynamic.

I am a learner. All the above to me is a continuation of my learning journey. I am also picking up anything that can help me to be a better version of me.
Making your decision aligning with your Purpose, Building on your Strengths to get you to where you want to be feeling fulfilled.