Webinar: How to recognise feelings and manage emotions
Author: Valerie Gold-Neil Psychologist, EdD
Improve yourself, your work relationships and your career prospects when you learn how to take control of your emotions in the workplace.

This one-hour webinar gives you dozens of proven strategies and techniques for taking control of tough situations — and coming out on top every time. You’ll gain new skills that help reduce your stress, boost your confidence and build your credibility at the office.

Enroll today and find new ways to keep a lid on extreme emotions…deal with other people’s emotions…resolve conflict…and change how to respond, even when your mind doesn’t want to. Here’s a look at all you’ll learn:
  • The positive and negative effects of emotions in the workplace
  • Techniques for keeping your cool — learn to stop reacting and start responding
  • How to neutralize paralyzing emotions — overcoming tears, anger, rage and self-pity
  • Tips for dealing with toxic behavior you encounter in the workplace
  • Active listening skills guaranteed to give you the upper hand in any situation
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