Diabetes management

Custom goal ideas by Dr. Aqsa Liaqat

Diabetes mellitus is a condition in which glucose metabolism is not working properly in the body. It is divided into two main types depending on the state of insulin in the body. Insulin is the substance produced by the pancreas of a person and is essential for glucose metabolism. In deficient states of insulin, glucose is not able to move into the cells of the body.

Diabetes mellitus has two types:

Diabetes mellitus is diagnosed by checking blood sugar. It is a multifactorial disease which is influenced by hereditary as well as environmental factors. Diabetes is a chronic disorder which is not treated but managed for improving life. Initially it can be managed well by food and exercise. In extreme cases, medicines and insulin are also necessary.

It can produce various symptoms in the body from lack of energy to many serious conditions like kidney failure. By properly managing it, you can avoid its affects and can live healthy life.

Another special type is gestational diabetes mellitus which affects pregnant women. It is caused by the fact that pregnancy produces peripheral resistance to the movement of glucose and insulin resistance. It should be managed properly to avoid its harmful effects on the fetus. Gestational diabetes mellitus is usually cured in 6 weeks after the birth of baby. However, the chances of being diabetic in the future are increased in these women who are affected by gestational diabetes mellitus.

Management of diabetes mellitus is dependent on the type and condition of the problem.

Ideas for tasks:

Sleep for 8 hours a day

Have 5 to 7 almonds as you wake up

Take water before meal or 1.5 hours after meal

Use whole wheat instead of bakery items

Eat 100gm of fruit/vegetable thrice a day

Limit fat consumption to 20gms per day

Prepare food at home

Green tea thrice a day after main meals

Avoid dairy products

No alcohol

No smoking

Take multivitamins containing B complex 1 tablet daily with breakfast and calcium supplement 1 tablet in the evening

Walk for 30 min daily/exercise for at least 5 days a week

Listen music of your choice at least 30 min per day to reduce stress

Take cinnamon tea at bedtime and make it by boiling half teaspoon powder of cinnamon in one cup water

Your blood pressure should not exceed 140/90 in order to avoid complications

Soak 4 to 5 lady fingers in water at night and drink this water in the morning before breakfast after staining the vegetable

Use 100gm of bitter gourd daily in cooked form