What kind of custom goals can you create?

Basically, any health, fitness or sport goal you want. For example, you might want to track what you eat to identify what causes increased bloating and create your own custom goal with tasks that help decrease bloating for you personally. Or you might follow a general pre-made goal for bloating reduction available on Market within the app.

If you have any chronical diseases, you can create custom goals to manage them and control outcomes of your efforts. For that, tracking symptoms and actions taken are necessary, so later on you can compare and see patterns and correlations specific to your body in Analytics section of the app.

Here are some ideas you might use:

If you are lucky and you don’t have any chronic health issues, you can create custom goals for general fitness purposes or preparing for a pregnancy or preparing for any sport challenge, where you need to follow a routine and wish to see how it helps you improve things. If you want ideas for specific topics, send us your suggestions to [email protected]