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HealthCraft is looking for therapists and coaches to join our online therapy marketplace helping millions of people worldwide!

Join HealthCraft marketplace if you are a therapist, psychologist or a coach to:

Get clientele for 1:1 sessions
Earn 24/7 on self-help content
Build your brand and scale your services
Save on marketing, operational and administrative expenses.
Do what you love and earn what you deserve!

Why working with us?

Advertising becomes more and more expensive. Leave it to us.
We combine content and organize it based on users’ preferences and analytics.
Your services and content are matched to the right clientele.
You own all your content and set the prices as you wish. Totally autonomous.
We take care of all things and you just do what you love.
Get a worldwide exposure and earn 24/7.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for specialists and content in the following topics:

burnout, sleep issues, resilience, disengagement, anxiety, stress, managing feelings, control issues, relationships issues, workplace issues, midlife crisis, communication problems, life purpose, emotional intelligence, managing health issues, loneliness, attachment issues, inner conflict.
The following solutions can be offered via our marketplace to customers:
I. Booking 1:1 sessions with therapists and coaches.
II. Provides content in the following formats
1) Classes - stand alone videos on certain topics provided by specialists (can serve as an introductory information to encourage people to explore the topic further).

2) Programs - a set of videos/webinars and other content based on a specific topic and spread over a period of time (4-8 weeks) for individuals and companies to learn, heal and grow.

3) Webinars - framed around self-help tools that are demonstrated and taught to customers to learn and use at their convenience when needed.

4) Goals - tools and techniques for self help explained in a text, audio or video format and put together to reach a certain goal (each goal consists of small tasks to be done, scheduled over a period of time).

5) Groups - online support groups led by coaches and therapists to facilitate communication, support and interactive healing among participants. Groups are based on topics.

6) Retreats - in-person learning events for customers and specialists to meet and experience a deeper learning in a set of days spent together.
It’s up to you to choose options that work the best for you. Here is how one can approach this. Check your existing online content and see which content can be offered via HealthCraft with no changes at all and other content that makes sense to record from anew. The requirements are basic: the content shall not include any referrals to your website or other websites and resources.

The content should be structured to be enough as it is provided on our platform. Any referrals can be done just to different content provided on our platform by you or some of your colleagues. For example, if you provide 5 classes on our platform, in each of them you can mention other classes that are provided on our platform as well.
It does not mean that one specialist shall provide all options
Feel free to schedule a call to learn more and sign up: